Decoration Removal Schedule

Removal Information for all
Grave, Crypt and Niche Decorations in
Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of St. Louis

The Cemetery reserves the right to remove and discard any excess for the overall
maintenance and appearance of the Cemetery on graves, crypts and niches.


Please limit decorations to two per grave.

Potted plants, votive and solar lights, eternal flames, balloons, shepherd hooks, bird houses, wind chimes and other unsightly decorations are not appropriate in a cemetery. Please be aware of the sensitivities of others and note that all materials used are to have a religious motif in keeping with the sacred nature of the cemetery.

For the Christmas season, grave coverings, wreaths on easels, poinsettias in cones and 12-18" Christmas trees are permitted.

Removal Info

In the months of February through November, decoration removal will be the 2nd Wednesday and following Thursday of each month.

When a cemetery holiday falls in a "removal week", decoration removal will be postponed until the following week (e.g. Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc.).

There is no removal in the months of December and January.

Decoration Removal begins each morning at 7:30 a.m.
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Removal Dates

2017 Dates
September 13, 14
October 11, 12
November 15, 16

2018 Dates
February 21, 22
March 14, 15
April 11, 12
May 23, 24
June 13, 14
July 11, 12
August 8, 9
September 12, 13
October 10, 11
November 14, 15