Catholic Cemeteries Definitions

Catholic Cemetery: a place dedicated by the Archbishop for the burial of the faithful and others for the religious and charitable purposes of the Church. Included in this definition of a 'cemetery' are the grounds, facilities and personnel involved in the interment and memorialization of the dead.

Endowed Care: a fund established by the Board of Trustees of Catholic Cemeteries to which lotholders contribute a determined sum whose interest is to be used for the care of lots and a pro-rated share for the upkeep of the general facilities of the Cemetery. The fund principal is to be kept invested and is used for no other purpose but to generate operating cash to maintain the cemetery.

Lotholder: the person or persons who signed the original selection contract and their heirs-in-law who have the legal right to authorize an interment

Lot: a burial plot of one or more graves.

Grave: the basic, below ground burial place.

Section: designated area of cemetery land.

Crypt: a unit of one or more entombment places in a mausoleum.

Lawn Crypt: a pre-set in-ground two place burial vault on a gravel drain field.

Floral Garden Lawn Crypt: a pre-set lawn crypt topped with a flower bed to be planted and maintained by the lotholder.;

Interment: the committal of human remains in their final resting place.

Burial: interment of human remains in the earth.

Entombment: interment in a structure.

Right of Sepulture: the legal authority to order an interment in a particular burial place.

Community Mausoleum: large entombment facilities owned and maintained by the Cemetery for use by the Catholic Community.

Cremation: the reduction of human remains by fire.

Inurnment: placing cremated remains in a container.

Niche: a small crypt for inurned remains.

Columbarium: A vault with niches for urns containing ashes of the dead.

Ossuary: A container or receptacle, such as an urn or a vault, for holding the bones of the dead.

Memorial: a stone or metal commemorative plaque.

Monument: a free standing upright memorial a minimum of 36" in height

Marker: a small memorial for one or more graves, lawn level set flush with the level of the ground.

Crypt Front: a memorial stone used as facing for a crypt.

Shared Monument: a monument whereby the family has the right to engraving on one side of a monument owned by the cemetery. The burial place may be a traditional grave or a Lawn Crypt.

Garden Crypt: a crypt for one, two or three persons in a simple, open air community mausoleum.

Church Yard Grave: a grave where the Right of Sepulture is granted for a defined period of time. After that period the grave may be reopened for a new burial.

Chapel Service: an interment service conducted in a burial chapel.

Graveside Service: an interment service conducted at an open grave.

Complete Cemetery Sales: a contract which includes applicable future cemetery charges.

Slant Face or Monolithic Marker: a head or foot stone set above ground. Lots are no longer sold with a provision for slant faced markers.

Private Mausoleum/Sarcophagus: entombed facility owned and endowed by a private family.