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The chief responsibility of Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of St. Louis is to direct the Management of the Catholic Cemeteries to provide the people with places of burial that are representative of the Church's reverence for the remains of the faithful departed and its hope in the resurrection. Its goals are both spiritual and temporal.

The spiritual goals are that the Catholic cemetery be a place of comfort on the day of the funeral and the years that follow. To do so the cemeteries are to be conducive to the funeral liturgy and its personnel helpful in providing sound counsel in the selection of a family plot responsive to family needs and its vision of itself.

We bury our dear ones with love. A love that the Church and cemetery personnel share with each family that uses its burial facilities. Love is not for the moment, for we believe that the dead shall rise again on the Last Day to be reunited with their loved ones. Love reaches far into the future expressing itself in caring for the place of burial and the beauty of the surrounding cemetery grounds. Love is not narrow or exclusive for one's own, but embracing all who lay in the hallowed ground shared by their family. The Catholic cemetery is a place of love expressed by the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ, for all of its members, the living and the dead.

The temporal concerns are to make the spiritual goals possible by sound management, which require that a fair wage be paid to the men and women who make everything happen in the cemetery and that up to date horticulture principles and the best interment facilities and techniques available be adopted. Since the Church's love is widely defined as to time and place, old burial grounds must be looked after and new facilities developed as the population shifts and grows.

General Purpose

The purpose of the rules of Catholic Cemeteries of St. Louis is to promote the ideals of Christian Burial by making the cemetery grounds a haven of comfort and peace, the continued welfare of the Cemetery as a whole and the well-being of lot holders and visitors. The rules are not arbitrary, but developed over decades of experience of what promotes the common good.

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Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of St. Louis would like to welcome you to its latest edition to the many services and tools available to the public. Within this site you will find information about the 17 cemeteries that the Catholic Cemeteries maintains in the St. Louis and surrounding area. Please click on "Locations" or "Historical" for a list of the cemeteries. Under "Locations" you can read details about the cemeteries' grounds and services. Under "Historical" you will find information about the history of each cemetery; when it was established, who established it, some of the famous people buried there, and much more.

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Be Prepared

Many people, even those who plan well for life, do very little planning for death. Lacking such planning, the occasion of death can be a time of hardship and complication for those who mean the most to us.

The prudent person plans well for his temporal and spiritual welfare, and the total welfare of those he loves. Through advanced planning, many of the temporal problems caused by death are minimized.

The selection of a family burial place before there is a death is the prudent, thoughtful way of providing peace of mind. At the time of bereavement, the need to pick out a family plot is a forced, emotional and confusing burden. It is difficult for family members to think clearly and to make a wise choice - it is unnecessary and can be avoided.

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